Why choose YM - High Pressure Inflatable Series?

The YM-high pressure inflatable series is an advanced inflatable structure designed to be light weight, fast set up, portable and great looking. The YM-high pressure inflatable series can stand securely on almost any surface and survive extreme winds, heavy rain and burning sunlight. YM-high pressure inflatable series have an inner inflatable tube encased in a high-tech light weight outer cover. This allows the inflatable to be pumped up to high pressure which results in greater rigidity and strength. Full digital printing is available on roof and walls.
What ground can be anchored to?

The YM-high pressure inflatable series can be anchored to almost any type of surface including soil, stone, carpet, snow or flooring.  Its versatile selection of anchoring styles, adapt to soft and hard ground.
How long will a inflatable product  stay inflated?

The YM-high pressure inflatable series could theoretically stay inflated for an indefinite amount of time. In extremes of hot and cold, due to the air inside the bladder and legs contracting or expanding, a top-up would be required every now and then, which can be performed using the electric pump or by hand.
How to repair the air leak of leg tubes?

 Repairing a puncture to YM-high pressure inflatable product  is as simple as repairing one to a bicycle. We could provide the free repair film to you.
Can I put up a Inflatable product quickly?

Setup times vary depending on products of different sizes. For the smaller models, such as the 3×3 and the 4×4, it can take as little as 5-10 minutes to inflate the YM-high pressure inflatable series with an electric pump. The larger models are just as quick, such as the 6×6, taking only 35 minutes to inflate fully using a pump. If inflating the tents by hand, however, these times may be longer.
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