After one and a half months of fighting against the new coronavirus from the 2019 Chinese New Year until now, we YIMU, as the leading manufacturer of tents developed, designed and manufactured in China, felt the need to develop a tent specifically for preventing the spread of infectious diseases and isolating patients (or the suspected) of infectious diseases. To serve the domestic and foreign demand of government, hospitals, enterprises & institutions and individuals. The tent was designed to be airtight and lightweight, so we decided to use the inflatable tent from our shading marquees collection as a prototype and modify it slightly. So far, the first 3M X 3M inflatable tent prototype has been made and delivered to our customers. We are continuing to develop more models and sizes to meet the need to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The double inflatable tent consists of two 3M X 3M inflatable tents and one tunnel. Patients can be isolated or treated in one tent, and doctors can remove protective clothing and disinfect them in the other. The tunnel between the tents is designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
The advantages of this product are: > light weight   > fast inflate and deflate   > sealed to prevent the spread of disease

YIMU is the manufacturer of the infectious diseases fast deployment inflatable tent, the tent can be deployed in minutes and is designed as a temporary quarantine room, to reduce the possibility of the spread of infectious diseases. It weighs only 18 kg and is packed in a box of 45CM X 45CM X 60CM. It can be easily installed and disassembled for use with other first aid and medical equipment.
The YMC-19 inflatable tents have two separate isolation rooms, each with a durable pvc floor, and are connected by a tunnel. This is to minimise the chance of contagion spreading. The front and back doors of the conjoined tent are designed to be transparent so medical staff can better observe patients, One of the see-through doors has a see-through sleeve through which paramedics can dip their hands to check the patient's temperature. We also designed an air conditioning vent at the bottom, which can connect to the outside air when needed and can be sealed.
The YMC-19 has not been contained and therefore cannot be guaranteed. It can be customized to provide a possible temporary solution to minimize the spread of airborne diseases. The customer shall take all normal precautions against infectious diseases.

YMC 3m x 3m

Frame Weight: 6.3kg  /  Roof Weight: 2.85kg  / Height: 2.5m / Clearance: 2.1m
Frame Profile: 120mm


YMC 4m x 4m

Frame Weight: 10.3kg  /  Roof Weight: 3.5kg  / Height:  2.75m / Clearance: 2.25m
Frame Profile:  260mm


YMC 5m x 5m

Frame Weight: 15.3kg  /  Roof Weight: 5.85kg  / Height:  3.45m / Clearance:  2.75m
Frame Profile:  260mm


YMC 6m x 6m

Frame Weight: 22.6kg  /  Roof Weight: 7.8kg  / Height:  4.17m / Clearance:  3.3m
Frame Profile:  400mm


Frame Specifications

Framework: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) with sleeve Fabric
Features: Over pressure relief valve system
Inflation: Sealed frame does not require use of a pump after inflation
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